Life is a Party!

Kim Taeyeon, the goddess :)

The fairest of them all
The Queen of the Byuns
Dukong collector
Mother of Ginger


Maybe it’s a coincidence that she felt that way or she might be indirectly speaking of her own love life. We’ll never know.

But I find it cute that she uses terms we speak of: UNSINKABLE. LOVE. UNICORNS. LOVE. GREAT THINGS. LOVE. THE WORLD IS AGAINST YOU. LOVE.

Somebody please tell her what and when our National holiday is. 

Just wondering

Why did Taeny say that they used to drive around at midnight and go to Han river while covering up their identities?

But with their BOYFRIENDS, they just drive around as if it’s not scandalous for celebrities to be seen dating in public?


YOLO, Taeny :)

So now they’re both dating other men.

They’re still TAENY.

…the same old best friends they used to be. Nothing’s changed. It’s just our wishful thinking for them to be together in that way anyway. (If you know what I mean)

I am not even sad nor surprised. I’m really happy she’s not feeling lonely anymore.

Spread love. Not war.

PS. Hardcore Locksmith since 2011

The TAENY tag is getting more and more depressing. </3

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